Mother Daughter

Embertec is an Australian energy efficiency technologies company. We are the largest supplier of energy efficiency technologies in the country. We specialise in power-saving products for the consumer electronics and appliances market utilising a unique microprocessor controlled chip and supporting platform technology.

Our products are intelligent, reliable and easy to use. They reduce all forms of power wastage – including standby power used by appliances when they’re switched off, and active power used by appliances left on but not being used. The Embertec SmartSwitch™ standby power controller product is the market leader with over 2 million currently installed in more than 750,000 homes around Australia.

We are committed to two principles: technology that contributes to a better environment and groundbreaking research and development that raise the bar on what we offer consumers.

Embertec was founded in 2004 by a father and son team, Tony and Domenico Gelonese. Frustrated with his children leaving on the household TVs, DVD players and computers, Tony invented a product that turned the devices off when they were left on or in standby mode. His son saw the commercial opportunity in the invention – and so Embertec was born.

Embertec has since committed to an extensive, Australian-based research and development program. Embertec continues to develop new and exciting products to deliver energy savings to our customers.

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