Embertec is the largest supplier of energy efficiency technologies in Australia.

Our products are fully automated, power-saving technology that are the ultimate solution to all forms of appliance power wastage. They provide energy savings, positive environmental impact and ease of use for the consumer.

Embertec technology is intelligent and intuitive, and aims to save households money off their power bills.

We offer two products, each developed in Australia:

  • The Embertec SmartSwitch™ is the answer to audio visual and IT power wastage without having to do anything differently – maximum savings with zero effort! Its clever technology saves power used by appliances when they’re turned off (standby power) and have been left on but aren’t in use (active power).
  • Embertec LED downlight globes are another solution to household bills. By replacing power-hungry halogen downlight globes with Embertec’s energy-efficient LED downlight globes, you could cut 80%* off your household lighting bill.