emberpulse-whiteEmberpulse earns you more from your solar system

Emberpulse is an intelligent in-home system that monitors and advises you how to reduce your energy costs and earn more from your solar system. Combining elegant in-home hardware with intuitive app design, Emberpulse® is compatible with all solar systems.

Emberpulse is guaranteed to protect you from outages and to find you at least $500
in energy savings*.

The most advanced energy management system

Emberpulse stops you getting ripped off and gives you control of your energy. Designed and developed in Australia,

  • $500 guaranteed energy savings
  • Always be on the best electricity plan
  • Guaranteed solar outage alerts and solar income protection
  • Set your budget and view your forecasted energy spend
  • Monitor your energy in real time
  • Remotely control your home’s air conditioning, lights and other devices
  • Compatible with all solar systems

For more information, visit emberpulse.com