Embertec Products

Embertec products are fully automated power saving technology that are the ultimate solution to all forms of appliance power wastage; providing energy savings, positive environmental impact and ease of use for the consumer.

Embertec technology is intelligent and intuitive and addresses both standby power wastage and active power wastage utilising a unique microprocessor controlled chip and supporting platform technology.

Standby power wastage is power used by appliances while they are turned off. Active power wastage is power used by appliances that have been left on but are not being used.

Embertec technology works by monitoring a wide range of human interaction and electrical parameters, interpreting information to determine a specific appliance state and controlling appliances, turning them off or on at exactly the right time to reduce power wastage. Embertec products learn the behaviour of connected appliances automatically then provide power only when it is needed.

The Embertec SmartSwitch™ is the answer to audio visual and IT power wastage problems without having to do anything differently – maximum savings with zero effort!